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Facebook study results

  I’ll say it again — this is an assault on science and the people who compile stats for a living.  With that said, here’s the results from the Facebook study from Wednesday. Keep in mind a few things: Markets … Continue reading

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Quick Facebook study

Purely unscientific.  Purely… Thanks to interns, I did a Facebook survey looking at 100 radio stations and how they use Facebook. Here’s what we looked at: Markets 100-110 Top 10 Arbitron ranked stations (12+) 100 Total stations Some similar formats … Continue reading

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Twitter me this

How about we do a small experiment. Imagine you’re following someone on Twitter that you really enjoy. If you mention them, do you hope they to respond or acknowledge your tweet? What if they actually do reply? Would you like … Continue reading

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What have ads told us we can do with just one finger? The most popular cameras are “point and click.”  If you have an iPhone, all you need is one finger to unlock the joys of the electronic: Now even … Continue reading

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Digg it

Is Facebook a long-term investment?  I think it’s a fair question.  We’re still looking at it in it’s prime, but with threats from Google+ and other means of interacting with people on-line, it’s hard to tell if we’ll still be … Continue reading

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Betsy Brandt on Facebook

Does everyone actually NEED to be active on social media?  Lets take actress Betsy Brandt for example. I had a great time talking to Betsy.  She grew up in the thumb of Michigan, so we had a lot of reference … Continue reading

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Eddie Money on social media

I enjoy being able to do interviews with people associated with TV / movie / radio / print publications and ask them about how they use social media to solidify their brand, market to their fans or even communicate with … Continue reading

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Phil Hendrie on corporate radio

I always admire radio show hosts that talk about our own craft — and spend time on-air to poke fun at our own profession.  As a listener, you’re already engaged with the host on a personal and intimate basis on … Continue reading

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If a tower falls in the forest, no one hears it

Imagine your tower just took an uppercut to the jaw and was down for the count.  It’s not a pretty sight.  No matter how good the product, it’s not easy to swallow that you’re just one heavy storm away from … Continue reading

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