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Building an empire

It’s not easy building an empire.  Many networks have tried and failed.  So what chance does an individual broadcaster have?  It seems slim.  But now is the absolute best time to start your own network and build your own brand. … Continue reading

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Making a TV show

If you ever had an idea for a movie or TV show, this segment will shatter your dreams.  Podcast extraordinaire Adam Carolla talked about the process he went through to make an animated show around his character Mr. Burchum — … Continue reading

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Another mention

Thanks to the Free Beer and Hot Wings Show in Grand Rapids for thinking of me here. Yeah they were making fun… but it’s the good kind of fun.  If you’re keeping track at home, that makes 2 mentions of … Continue reading

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What… what?

I think we can all agree that using the term “monkey” in reference to our President isn’t a good idea.  Or at least I thought everyone knew that.  Cue one talk show host that is too cool for social rules. … Continue reading

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Thanks Dee

I got a mention on Dee Snider’s national radio show the House of Hair a few weeks back.  Take a listen: Dee… you ROCK!  Thanks buddy!

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She better not win an ESPY

I may be the only person in the world that thinks there’s noting inspirational about this story: The whole point of athletics is to compete against your opponent.  If they offered an award for being kind and nice — then … Continue reading

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