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Content Creation Series

It turns out I’m not the only person that’s interested in content creation — so is Radio Ink!  I’ll be producing some videos in the near future where I interview content creators… and I couldn’t be more excited to do … Continue reading

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The simple beauty of narration

Every once in a while there’s a video on YouTube that tickles my creative side… something that’s so well done that you have to call in your wife and say, “hey… watch this…” It’s a matter of making special moments … Continue reading

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Successful YouTube Video

Creativity is key when trying to create new content for YouTube.  SO here’s my example of how to make a standard YouTube video:

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Keep Your Dirty TV Out Of My Internet

With major television networks giving preferential treatment towards moments that can be easily made into viral clips on-line, should content creators be worried the big guys are going to pollute their space?  Or is it even their space to begin … Continue reading

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That’s Just A Theory… A YouTube Theory

  If you’re not familiar with The Game Theorists, you should check them out.  Matthew Patrick is the kind of host that records voice over inside of his apartment closet with a blanket over his head.  He also has some … Continue reading

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