Alice Cooper talks career and social media

A lot to Alice Cooper’s credit, he writes stories and songs for a character and plays them out on stage.  What you see in his performance is not the person rather the character.

rock legend Alice Cooper

Now imagine it’s 1970 and you’re doing something much different than what other bands were doing.  Instead of themes of love and peace with 4 instruments, you’re actually performing a live show with songs of mental and physical torture.  Quite a contract of what you heard about Woodstock.  What if a friend of yours told you about a show like that?  Yeah, you would be there when the show was in your town.

Now it’s 2011 and your entire performance can be streamed live to the world — straight from a mobile phone.  It kind of takes the mystery away from what you do.  I talked to Alice about how different his career would have been if he was just breaking out now with his latest album, Welcome 2 My Nightmare:

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In many ways, it’s like our broadcasting world has already overlapped with the world of musicians and actors.  We might not be in the same circles as the artists your listeners love, but they’ll associate us with them.  In radio, there’s a lot of mystery to what we do — even still with the discovery of social media.  We sit in poorly lit rooms with carpeting on the wall, only to leave for another cup of coffee.  The computer screen might as well give us a tan… that’s if we’re even in the studio anymore.  But to the listener, we’re the guy down the street talking directly to them.

As broadcasters, we have such a great opportunity to do what we’re already to put on a show… but do it much, much better.  We’re in a world where we can do what’s expected of us (as they expect it from their favorite artists) and it will reap great benefits.

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