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I'm an award winning radio programmer, news anchor, talk show host, digital guru and problem that currently serves as a writer for Radio Ink Magazine. My blog ( is designed to help personalities advance themselves through content creation. Follow me on Twitter @RyanWrecker

2017 is going to be a weird year for radio

I’m not exactly sure what to expect from 2017.  I don’t know if anyone can predict what will happen next.  To me… what will likely happen (*plus a lot of random thoughts): ** Podcasting will continue to grow as an … Continue reading

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Shout out from Tim Conway Jr.

This made my morning. A BIG thanks to Tim Conway Jr. for the shout out.  Kudos to KFI in LA for creating more web content, particularly videos of their talents behind the scenes. On February 25th, 2016… Timmy aired this … Continue reading

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Podcast Review: Reply All

Narration of  a story is becoming a very popular style of podcasting, at least for the podcasts that are becoming very popular.  When it comes to digital audio, I would say there’s a demand for content that doesn’t sound like … Continue reading

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New Articles Posted On RadioInk

I’ve got a few new articles posted to, with the addition new published articles in their magazine every month. There’s a lot to share here, along with some thoughts on The Conclave — the Radio Learning Conference that needs … Continue reading

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The Podcast Bubble

I enjoyed reading the NY Times article about podcasting posted today, written by Farhad Manjoo.  One of the questions he raises was the long term sustainability and/or growth of the medium.  Will podcasting ever really compete with radio, or maybe even … Continue reading

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Same Content, New Medium

Wired Magazine had a great write up about NPR and podcasting.  To put how far ahead NPR is in the podcasting realm, here’s the TOP podcasts at the moment: 1. This American Life  2. The Late Show Podcast 3. Radiolab … Continue reading

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Podcast Review: RELEVANT

I had a chance over the weekend to preview a podcast from RELEVANT, thanks to a recommendation from my friend Ben Reynolds on Twitter.  It’s a weekly show — and a long-running podcast with an assembled cast of personalities.  Since 2005, … Continue reading

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Major Trust Issues

Recent findings from the Pew Research Center have pointed out that trust may just be a fleeting perception for high end talk talent.  In some ways, Millennials, Generation X and Baby Boomers are similar in their overall trust or distrust … Continue reading

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Heading to Conclave 40!

I’m happy to announce I’ll be part of Conclave 40 — a panelist for Video Consumption Is Exploding.  It’s truly an honor to be asked to contribute to our industry.

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Content Creation Series

It turns out I’m not the only person that’s interested in content creation — so is Radio Ink!  I’ll be producing some videos in the near future where I interview content creators… and I couldn’t be more excited to do … Continue reading

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