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Does everyone actually NEED to be active on social media?  Lets take actress Betsy Brandt for example.

I had a great time talking to Betsy.  She grew up in the thumb of Michigan, so we had a lot of reference points we both knew about.  But I was curious how she thought the show used social media to reach it’s audience.  AMC has created for each of their characters a Twitter account.  It’s not a unique idea, but it’s very effective.  Every Twitter update links back to the AMC website, followed by either a blog entry or a reference to the show.  In a sense, their characters all live in the realm of this show, but not bound by the hour it’s on every Sunday night. Sound familiar?  It’s like YOU at the radio station.

The Breaking Bad story line doesn’t forward any more than usual, however it fills up a little bit more for the people who enjoy the show the most.  So when I asked her how she uses social media, she made it sound like the show already has it covered:

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I think what she said is a good point about the quality of people you friend on-line.  Without knowing the show, if you see or hear an ad for Breaking Bad you may dismiss it.  But if one of your friends talks about it you’re more likely to take that friends comments into consideration.  FOR EXAMPLE — It’s not the individual characters Twitter accounts that get new viewers hooked on the show — it’s the show that gets the viewers hooked.  The Twitter account only appeals to the people already hooked on the show, thus only reaching the people who already watch it.  In radio, it’s NOT the personalities social media that will get them listening to the station (and keep them listening) it’s the station format and passion for the music that drives them to want more out of what they hear.

Ultimately what you’re doing is reinforcing and feeding the people who already like your show and breaking the 4th wall to make them feel involved with the show.  It’s a great tool.

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