When did you know what YOU were going to be when you grew up?


I was kind of spoiled in the fact that I was able to listen to great radio in Detroit.  I would spend hours listening to WRIF, recording the station onto a tape player and later voicing my own talk breaks.  That station influenced my professional life long before I understood how powerful a brand you can make with a public frequency.

In 2001 I attended Central Michigan University and got my first taste of radio — at a college station!  I can only imagine how horrible it sounded.  Eventually I got off the late-late night shift and did a morning show for 3 and a half years.  A few Michigan Association of Broadcaster awards later, luck had it I ran into the great programming mind Phil Tower outside a bathroom and he offered me a job working weekend shifts on WOOD-AM in Grand Rapids.  So for a while there, I was doing full time classes, doing a morning show, had a job on campus AND driving an hour and a half to work weekends in Grand Rapids.  But it was worth it.

In 2005 I graduated and left my job to search for a full time gig.  Thanks to Phil, he set me up with another CMU alumni who got me a gig in Lima, Ohio.  Tim Moore was a consultant for stations in Lima and got me working on the classic rock station in town (then WUZZ).  I had my hand in about every station in the building (as you’ll see in any small market radio stations) and was later promoted to also program WLJM-AM.  It lasted a few years, but opportunity opened it’s door and I got a gig in Milwaukee in 2008 with the sports talk station WSSP-AM.

The stint in Milwaukee didn’t last long, as my heart was back in Lima — with the woman who will soon be my wife.  I moved back in 2009 and programmed both WEGE-FM and WWSR-FM, as well as doing mornings on WEGE.  It was a great stint and I had a lot of fun.

In 2012 I was given the opportunity to program the legendary WOWO Radio in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  We moved across the border, and for the past few years have been living, learning and making radio magic.  I’m a hands on programmer… doing just about everything from hosting mornings, doing the afternoon talk show, daily newscasts, running the board, and creating content across all mediums.  In the two years, our station has won:

-=- Marconi Award for Medium Market Station of the Year
-=- Several Spectrum Awards, including Station of the Year, Best Breaking News, Best Community Involvement AND Best Newscast (which I won twice)
-=- 2 AP Indiana News Awards
-=- Federated Media Program Director of the Year 

Since then my family has grown with the arrival of our son in 2014!  He’s amazing, and I love being a father above everything else.

In 2015 was featured on 10 Questions on

In 2015 I also started writing a monthly column for Radio Ink Magazine, covering digital trends and interviewing great industry minds.

I also produced my first radio documentary, the 90 year History of WOWO.  The 2½ hour special is some of my finest work.  Since then I’ve produced 2 more radio documentaries – the life of Bob Sievers and Bob Chase, two local legends to Fort Wayne.

Snidersville Ohio

Dee Snider and his family

rock legend Alice Cooper


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