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It’s not easy building an empire.  Many networks have tried and failed.  So what chance does an individual broadcaster have?  It seems slim.  But now is the absolute best time to start your own network and build your own brand.

Some broadcasters I admire greatly for finding success from internet distributions.  Just the previous blog post praised Adam Carolla for turning his radio show into the most listened to podcast in the world.  But someone who took it to the next level is Glenn Beck.  Now only is he doing extended hours of content for his radio show but he’s also launched his own television network the point where he has more subscribers than CNN has viewers (pretty amazing stat in itself since subscriptions are roughly $10 a month).  I’m going to assume that counts the free ‘trial’ subscriptions in any given week, but still that’s very impressive.

There’s a new podcast that I’ve been listening to — The White House Brief with Paul Westcott.  It’s not a bad short form podcast.  He’s got the elements that make a good radio host.  And from his interview with Glenn Beck it sounds like we share the same admiration to what he’s built.  I don’t think you can underestimate the financial power that the likes of Glenn has though.  If he didn’t have millions in the bank already it would be impossible for any bank to write a loan to a private broadcaster to do something similar.  But to think… how many great personalities are too afraid or lazy to do anything outside of their regular on-air duties?  With free resources like YouTube and Facebook and minimal costs to run your own website and blog, why aren’t more broadcaster fleeting to the Glenn Beck model on a small level?

As far as I can figure it’s because there’s no successful business model to show the financial benefits.  To me — that’s why NOW is the best time to build your own brand.  We know the route can lead to great success if the financial benefits are there or not in the beginning.  There’s not much to lose right now.

Paul talked to Glenn about the idea of building an empire on his podcast 6-27-12.  Take a listen:

Just Push Play:  

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Now that’s the way you do it folks.  Star to plant the seeds and see where it grows.  I truly believe if you believe in yourself and work enough on yourself that your work will built into something great.

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