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Is Facebook a long-term investment?  I think it’s a fair question.  We’re still looking at it in it’s prime, but with threats from Google+ and other means of interacting with people on-line, it’s hard to tell if we’ll still be using it in the same ways years from now.

Take for example MTV.  They are celebrating their 30th anniversary this month.  Amazing.  Remember when they used to play music?  It was a defining moment in the entertainment industry.  All of a sudden you could see your favorite artists.  It wasn’t just what you heard on the radio or on your album cover. 

In many ways radio as a medium was presented with the opportunity for personalities to be seen beyond what could be heard.  But how many stations take full advantage of the opportunity as means to expand content beyond car speakers?  Radio still isn’t ready to adopt the change.  Maybe that’s why MTV worked so well — they had a vision to combine the two mediums and it worked amazingly well.  It even went beyond that and created a new lifestyle and attitude for a generation.

Fast forward to the future.  When we look back 20 years from now, will Facebook look like MTV?  I asked Brian Boone, author of I Love Rock and Roll… Except When I Hate It to give some insight based on what he found looking back the music industry and its stories:

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If the mindset for radio is, “How do you relate this back to ratings?” you’re doing it wrong.  The question should be, “How do I best relate to my audience?”  We have the tools… excuse me… “”Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology.”

By the way — check out Brian Boone on Twitter:  @lovehatesociety

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