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I enjoy being able to do interviews with people associated with TV / movie / radio / print publications and ask them about how they use social media to solidify their brand, market to their fans or even communicate with the people who are most passionate about their work. In fact, a lot of my blog will be dedicated to how people use social media — either personally or professionally. I’ll also talk to them about the industry and how it has shaped the current work they do.

Eddie Money with Ryan Wrecker

First up is 70s and 80s rock star Eddie Money. I had the chance to meet Eddie at Square Fair 2011 in Lima, Ohio. The week prior to his show, I interviewed him about many things, but also threw in questions about social media. I was interested to see how an old school musician uses a modern tool to promote themselves.  I was also curious if he would consider transforming himself in order to reach popularity again — much like many classic rock artists have with the country format:

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It’s an interesting look at it.  I get the impression he doesn’t use anything digital for personal use but he did make it a point to tell me about all phone calls he makes — you know, the original social networking.

Either way, it’s hard to tell if we’re living in a world where the new ways and the old ways of doing things can co-exist.  Even though all the means of networking are available to everyone, not many fans in his wheel house use things like Facebook or Twitter.  In fact, they’re flat out against it.  So in the eyes of Eddie’s most passionate fans, maybe social networking is just reaching out to the wrong group of people.

I can say that the classic rock format has been becoming incredibly more relevant in the past few years.  And by any rate, its familiarity with a younger generation is certainty present.  His Facebook fan page alone has 47,000 likes.  But the problem is they’re linking the old Eddie and the songs he’s been singing for the past 30 years.  In fact, he’s completely correct when describing the vehicle that would drive people to listen to his new music — teaming up with an already popular musical guest who does have influence and fans in the new ways of doing this.

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