What have ads told us we can do with just one finger?

The most popular cameras are “point and click.”  If you have an iPhone, all you need is one finger to unlock the joys of the electronic:

Now even Windows is a one-finger trick pony (*band name pending):

What makes this unique is that Windows is taking away something Apple has always done – work secretly on new projects. Microsoft created a blog to interact through the process of creating the new Windows platform. It’s an interesting thought. Would you ever consider telling the audience that you’re changing formats? How about letting your biggest brand followers influence your music selection? Now ask yourself this — why not?

I understand that generally speaking your listeners are the result of your product. But let’s look what happened to television after they opened up to being defined by the user experience. In just the past 10 years, we’ve seen everyone get a flat screen HDTV. We’ve seen better quality with home movies adopting a new format in Blu-Ray. The government stepped in and implemented the digital airwaves to take over. Your TV starts to offer its own applications. You can now stream content straight to your computer, television and smart phone with servies like Netflix and Hulu. And you can do it with just a finger. Well, maybe a few other fingers to find the remote first.

Now let’s look at the developments of radio. HD Radio is available in larger markets but usually restricted to outsourced programming. Satellite Radio continues to grow slightly but doesn’t factor much when you consider the company is still a penny stock with a questionable long-term business model. Internet radio has become popular and more accessible, but still the user comes back to listen to traditional radio. Wait a minute… is that it? There’s got to be more.

So when the user is infatuated with super sleek, one finger type of electronics… what do you think of when someone conceptualizes radio? If you’re not using your medium to reach the expectations the user looks for in all other mediums, you’re dating yourself. Unless you want to be dated, maybe we need to start opening the door to what the user wants instead of what we think they want. Unless we want to be in the exact same position 10 years from now, we should be more willing to open the back doors and let the listener in.

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