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Bill Rasmussen is a revolutionary broadcaster.  You may not know the man, but you know his work.  Bill is credited as the co-founder of ESPN — along with being it’s first president and CEO.  But it wasn’t always a giant network.  Today it’s the “Worldwide Leader in Sports” but at one point it was just a dream.

Bill worked in radio in the 60s and later for a hockey club as their communications director into the 70s.  Much like our radio colleagues, his time was limited and in ’78 was let go by the club.  At that point Bill was under pressure to provide for his family.  Out of necessity he took a risk that no one tried before and created something that no one thought would succeed — a round the clock cable sports network.

What did Bill do 30 years ago that we can learn from today?  He found something people were passionate about, he found where the audience was and he gave it to them.  Today the same concept — if conscience about it or not — is used over and over for bloggers and podcasters… and really anyone that wants to create compelling content and make sure it hits the right audience.

Today a lot of broadcasters have blogs and post audio and video to the web.  Some are more successful than others.  But what you also see is many athletes using the same channels and mediums to reach the same audience you’re trying to reach.  And like us, some are better than others.

I asked Bill about the impact ESPN has had on athletes when it comes to social mediums:

Just Push Play: 

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Think about what Bill did with ESPN and ask yourself — are you using your social media effectively, are you trying to reach the right audience, what does the audience expect out of you, what is the audience looking for… and what are you doing to give it to them?  If you have answers to those questions, you’ll find it much easier to focus what you’re doing on-line.

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