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Are you a Mad Men fan?  Even if you take the storyline out of the equation, you have to admire a show that depicts a wild era of advertising.  In a way, you can watch the show and still get a lot of out of it from a broadcast standpoint — even if it’s something as simple as dealing with clients and their tendencies — or maybe as someone who always thinks they know what’s best.

So what was the 60’s really like in an ad agency?  I talked to author Andrew Cracknell who wrote about The Real Mad Men.  On the show, I could pick up some of the parallels to the 60s and today, including how late Sterling Cooper was to getting into the game from print to television ads:

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So given all the tools at radio’s disposal — and a lot of them being free — why are we so late into the game?  All Access posted a story today saying that some radio is really lagging behind TV when it comes to social media:

“…non-commercial stations were much more involved with social media, and larger market stations were more likely to be using social media.”

How can only 31.1% of news stations be incorporating social media into storytelling? I have to ask — how is social media not part of storytelling anymore?  If you’re not using your news station as a beacon of local material, you’re really selling your station short.  There’s a portal into your listeners lives, and it’s called Facebook… or Twitter… or… you get the idea.  In the end, it should all come back to being personnel, and you’ve never had a better opportunity to be one-on-one with your listener.  If a station or cluster doesn’t find enough value in investing time (or even small resources) into the social formula, it’s going to be impossible to find a payoff for your labor.

The one leveling factor is that a lot of other people are late to the game too.

We’re in a time where a lot of people are trying to understand web platforms — all at the same time.  If the idea of creating, contributing and publishing content regularly scares you, then what were you doing before this point?  Ask yourself that.  And if you think you’ve created something special, are you using it in a way to contribute and build on your craft?  I’m not going to turn into a motivational speaker here, but you have a lot of talent that you may be focusing in the wrong areas.

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