I Don’t Want My MTV

Imagine how different a world it would be if the same social media we see today was around in 1990.  Imagine how

Kurt Loder

different media would be today.  I don’t want to predict what the world would be like, but I will say that I’m happy for what I went through exactly at the time I went through it.  It seems that everything played its course correctly.

Now imagine you’re the most recognizable face on a extremely popular and ever exposing MTV Network.  I asked music journalist Kurt Loder what he thought would have happened with social media in the 90’s, and how it would have changed his role in pop culture:

Just Push Play: 

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If you’re been in the business for 20+ years, ask yourself if you would have wanted to see social media in the 90s.  Does your view change for today?  I’m going to guess you have the same answer for both.

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