It’s Timmy Time

Tim Conway Jr. is a very fascinating broadcaster in Los Angeles.  First and foremost his talk show is amazing.  But there’s a few things that he does that really speaks to me.

Tim Conway Jr. on KFI

Tim Conway Jr. on KFI

I’ve become fascinated by the way he treats his audience.  From that few dozen shows I’ve caught, he doesn’t open the phone lines for discussion outside of contesting (that yields no prizes).  He is the entertainment.  But he also isn’t afraid to look at the back end of the entertainment business.  It seems like every show he’ll sneak in some sort of broadcast commentary.  This melts me.  I think the listener is always interested in the things that makes a radio show exist.  Listeners like the behind the scenes stories in small doses.  Tim knows how to dish this out in a very personal way.

If you hear the show from the start, you can’t deny the perfect theme song.  Too bad he didn’t think of it himself — it was taken from a foreign cartoon show.  So when this show intro was explained one night, it really made me sit back and think ‘wow’. He’s really letting his listener into something that turns into long-forming bonds.  I would like to take a moment to share this segment recorded on 1/6/12 from KFI’s web stream:

Just Push Play:

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We have a lot to learn.  Here’s the original theme song for the cartoon.

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6 Responses to It’s Timmy Time

  1. Gary J. Glenn says:

    Ding Dong!!!!

  2. Gary J. Glenn says:

    Timmy, Stek, and Bender tonight. Good radio. Oh an Angel Martinez. (Huge shout out!)

  3. Ryan Wrecker says:

    Yeah Gary! Thanks for the comment. I really enjoy Tim Conway Jr.’s show

  4. Sarah Smiles says:

    Thank you for explaining the theme song, I have always wondered about it. I love Tim, his show is the only one I can tolerate on KFI (Jon and Ken are numb nutz). “What the Hell Did Jesse Jackson Say” played every Thursday night is hilarious. His broadcast is just good radio. He is funny without being rude or mindless, and usually spot on with his opinions even if they are a bit off-color which is never over done because he realizes there are alot of families who listen to him, including his own. When you have to drive home on a crazy LA freeway in the evening, he keeps you smiling all the way to Riverside 😉

  5. Ray Kat says:

    Yeah ,Ding Dong!,Thanks for the explanation.The only shows on KFI that are any good are Coast to Coast,Morris Kelly,and Tim….I must admit that even some of Tims stuff is annoying ,like that stupid coffee song,the tire sound effect,the girl saying “yeah” and most of all that stupid theme song.The only thing worse is the other spot that Petros does for Bergider law…It makes me want to punch him in the face 3 times really fast and say”Shut up..n..n..n..Just shut up”…and all this time I thought they were saying Tammy…I’m an idiot

  6. don simmons says:

    Besides the racist-themed “What the hell did Jesse Jackson say”, I like this show. Too bad that the racist thing is so blatant. Wondering how it is allowed.