Keep Your Dirty TV Out Of My Internet

With major television networks giving preferential treatment towards moments that can be easily made into viral clips on-line, should content creators be worried the big guys are going to pollute their space?  Or is it even their space to begin with?

As Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel and Conan O'Brien continue to dive deeper into YouTube, their subscriber numbers keep growing and growing.  Is there ever going to be a point where YouTube will look like Hulu -- where the main screen is just clips from network television shows?  The idea should scare you.  If major networks can take over YouTube, for example, they can effectively push out other content creators.  Imagine if they used their influence so that YouTube just became a streaming destination for show clips... scary.

One of the most popular YouTube channels comes from the Fine Brothers who gain popularity with the Kid React Channel.  The series have grown to elders and also popular YouTubers reacting to pop culture events.  In this one particular clip, they previewed a popular clip from Jimmy Fallon, but the discussion went deeper than the laughs.  They focused on the content itself:

I think the spirit of the internet is with the independent content creators.  When you push them to the side, creativity also takes a back seat.

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