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If you ever had an idea for a movie or TV show, this segment will shatter your dreams.  Podcast extraordinaire Adam Carolla talked about the process he went through to make an animated show around his character Mr. Burchum — a high school shop teacher that finds it depressing the old ways are lost in this generation.  It’s about the things that made his generation great, but the art of just about everything has been lost with the latest crop of kids going through the school system.

This is an edited portion of his podcast from June 25th, 2012.  It runs about 7 minutes and is a good listen:

Just Push Play: 

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By the way, you got to admire what Adam is doing.  His podcast reaches more people than any other.  In November of 2011 it was said they had more than 70 million downloads in the past year alone.  With his book out and more national appearances and Celebrity Apprentice, he’ll shatter those numbers in 2012.  If you want to read more about what made him a success, Entrepreneur website had a great interview you can find here.

More broadcasters need to be doing what Adam is doing.  I admire anyone who is able to successfully find a way to financially self-sustain their social and web efforts as an entirely new broadcast entity.  There’s only a few that are doing it now and Adam is at the top of the audio oriented list.  I wonder if he’ll expand to more video.

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