Networks don’t know what they want

Jonathan Kite on the CBS show 2 Broke Girls

Maybe radio wasn’t the only medium that was baffled on how to use social media.  In fact, it seems a lost of us got to the game a little late.

With the development of Twitter, you can get real time reactions to real time questions.  When used correctly, it’s an amazing tool.  However, most radio stations only use it to push out information as opposed to starting a conversation.  But really, when you think about it, radio’s not alone.

When I talked to actor Jonathan Kite, we discussed how he uses his personal Twitter account to talk to fans about his show on CBS 2 Broke Girls.

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I think it’s good to do more with the social networks, and when you have a vessel like a nationally televised show it’s an easier method to gain stronger following much faster.  But according to Jonathan, other projects he worked at didn’t adopt social media as fast and restricted it.

Moving forward, how long before broadcasters close the gap between “you’re doing it wrong” (or not as effective) with your Twitter strategy and “anything goes” like it’s an uncontrollable monster that we just need to feed more and more?

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