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I had a chance over the weekend to preview a podcast from RELEVANT, thanks to a recommendation from my friend Ben Reynolds on Twitter.  It’s a weekly show — and a long-running podcast with an assembled cast of personalities.  Since 2005, they’ve produced this extra content in connection with their magazine, meaning a decade of podcasting… well before most invested (or even believed) in the value of creating additional content past their main focus.


Their following is impressive.  Over 46K followers on Twitter, and their magazine has over 224K likes.  I can understand the fan following for this podcast — it’s a group of professionals that have really honed their craft over the past decade.  Naturally I’m drawn to this podcast because of the description, “discussing faith, culture and nonsense.”

I don’t think many understand how hard it is to actually pull off a multi-person podcast, especially when some of the personalities are in different locations.  In this case, the cast of 2 in-studio in Orlando with 3 others outside of the studio is a very large cast to manage, and even traffic when it comes to who contributes at the right time.  Having so many personalities outside of the studio is setting up a train wreck, but they don’t step over anyone’s toes.  It’s quite impressive.

What’s equally impressive is their on-line presence.  The episode I previewed was on June 12th, 2015 with their main interview being David Crowder.  I can’t understate how great the podcast is laid out, full of additional information, sponsor information, music used in the show, and even bonus video content.

As for the podcast itself, they had entertaining topics, it didn’t seem like the benchmarks were over done (upcoming music and movies), and it didn’t feel like they were stretching for time to fill the over an hour production.  I like how they broke up segments with music, and it seemed natural as a reset into a new topic or interview.

As for the interviews themselves, I thought they were fair.  There wasn’t any great stand-out moments in it, or anything I took away as a great in general.  The phone quality for David Crowder could have been better, as it was hard to me to understand what he was saying at times.

Overall, this is a solid podcast.  It’s fun, it’s timely and it’s not all nuts and bolts, rather it’s a great use of personality as they all told some sort of story.  It’s not always easy to tell an entertaining story, but somehow they found a way with a large ensemble of characters.  It’s a good listen, and I’ve marked this as one of my favorites on TuneIn to check out again in the future.

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