Podcast Review: Reply All

Narration of  a story is becoming a very popular style of podcasting, at least for the podcasts that are becoming very popular.  When it comes to digital audio, I would say there’s a demand for content that doesn’t sound like traditional radio talk shows.  NPR is dominating that field.  In fact, Perry Simon from AllAccess.com / Nerdest said it best –there’s two types of podcasts… NPR Style and everyone else.


I was first drawn to the podcast Reply All from Gimlet Media through The StartUp, a podcast that documented the rise of Gimlet media through it’s founder, along with the struggles of starting the business.  Reply All is a great addition to their roster.  The good — the stories they tell are amazing.  The bad — I’ve skipped a few episodes that sounded really good because they warn of bad language at the start of the podcast, which is a deal breaker if I’m traveling in the car with my wife and kiddo.

Two great examples from Reply All:

** @ISISCovering the war on terrorism, and tracking / communicating ISIS as a journalist 
** The Man In The FBI Hat story of  Robert Hoquim, who through fraud stole a lot of money from a lot of people.  But it turns out he made a lot of friends too living this secret identity 

They have a certain NPR style to them… which makes sense since they come from an NPR background.  So in the spirit of the two types of podcasts, they would be in a class categorized as not your traditional radio.

Maybe commercial radio will catch on.  But it almost takes a full time job to make great content like this.   I’m not sure you could be expected to do a 3 hour talk show a day, and still be able to produce the same level of content like they do here.  I think the most successful commercial radio hosts are able to reach their audience on an emotional level.  I’m not sure Reply All does that… it’s more of an admiration level.  I simply admire the work, the style, the information, the storytelling and the ability to bring me something I didn’t expect… but it doesn’t make me connect with the hosts.  It makes me connect with the content (as someone that loves great content.)

Overall this is a gem of a podcast.  It’s one worth adding to your favorites and checking out on a weekly basis.  It’s one you’ll share with your friends, and it’s one that you’ll eventually stealing an idea or two.  Great work all around from the crew on this project — I hope it lasts a long time.

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