She better not win an ESPY

I may be the only person in the world that thinks there’s noting inspirational about this story:

The whole point of athletics is to compete against your opponent.  If they offered an award for being kind and nice — then the girl on the right deserves it.  BUT this was the a competition at the state level where they were competing for a state title.  What you’re viewing at this exact point is the meet stopped being a sport and became recreational running.   If they wanted to do a Saturday jog then there’s a platform for that outside of high school sports. But this is an organized OHSAA sanctioned event. You have to compete for your own team and not theirs!

What’s the point in even competing if you’re going to stop mid-run to make sure your opponent is doing the best they can?  And what would the harm be in finishing the last 20 meters and going back for her?

Take hockey for example.  If the game was still going on, what would you think of a goalie that left the net open so a retiring center could have one last final goal?  And as kind as your heart may be in this situation, it’s not about helping out a fellow person. You’re in an arena of competition, you can’t throw the match because you think it’s the right thing to do.

I feel everyone is on crazy pills.  Let’s look at some scenarios.  Would you be upset if that girl would have got 1st place because of this?  Would you be upset if the girl who fell set a school record? By contrast are all the other girls compete jerks for not stopping?

Just to make sure my comments are backed up, I took some time to look up the rules. The OHSAA says, “The 2012 NFHS Track and Field Rules shall apply in all cases” so I looked up the NFHS rules and it says in Rule 4, section 6, article 7 “It is an unfair act when a competitor receives any assistance from any other person.” It gives specific examples in sub-articles and I’ll just post the ones that apply:

a. Interference with another competitor
c. Competitors joining or grasping hands with each other during a race

PENALTY: (Arts. 6, 7) Disqualification from the event.

So now does the act of kindness trump the rules? And does sportsmanship include allowing someone to cheat? That’s not in the true spirit of the sport which I’ll still defend

Let’s be real here.  Separate what happened here from the sport and I’ll be able to sleep better at night, and maybe the world will be able to move on.  But please, ESPN if you’re reading this… don’t give this girl an ESPY.

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