Social Media in a time of emergency

In foreign countries around the world, the government has the ability to lock down the internet.  We’ve seen this demonstrated with the riots in Egypt escalated. In the United States, could that ever happen? You better believe it.

Former Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen

Let’s say it’s unlikely but possible.  In times of national emergency the President of the United States has an amazing amount of power.  In an interview with former Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen, I asked him about that power and if it would ever happen in the United States:

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The power of the White House is great, but would shutting down social media make things better or worse?  Now imagine the same situations on a small scale with your radio station.  We have the ability to alert the public of local and national break news, severe weather alerts and general hazards.  If you’re station doesn’t take it seriously, just ask yourself how you would react if that information was taken away from you.  They won’t be as vocal as if the entire internet was taken down, but the same thoughts apply on how they’ll now view your station — you’ve taken away something they expect from you.

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