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I think there’s a lot comedians and radio personalities have in common.  Very few make it to a high level and it takes comedian Ron Whiteyears and years of working on your craft that people seem to ignore or forget about once you do make it.

Lets take Ron White for example.  He was a stand-up comedian for 17 years before he got any attention with the Redneck Comedy Tour.  In fact, the tour itself was first filmed for theaters and bombed.  It wasn’t until the DVD came around that it became a hit.  So now, years after its success, Ron is a household name with comedians and he still continues to work on his craft.

Though he might not be integrated into the digital age like many up and coming comedians, he knows that a tool like Twitter can work in his favor.  Here’s what he told me about social media:

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Let’s break this down.  He writes a joke a day AND considers it a tool that can determine if something is funny enough to develop into his show.  Now imagine you’re a fan of Ron and you’re getting a unique viewpoint every day.  It’s constant content that’s timely, and it fits what you’re all about as a comedian.  As a guy with a microphone and a job, we don’t often think to go more unique than talking about our lives… when in fact we should be connect with our listeners lives instead.  What have you done lately that no one else has?

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