The simple beauty of narration

Every once in a while there's a video on YouTube that tickles my creative side... something that's so well done that you have to call in your wife and say, "hey... watch this..."

It's a matter of making special moments in peoples lives.  It's about finding ways to make an impact on their day, their week... or if you're lucky... making an impact on their life.  This video made my week, and let me tell you why after you watch it:

This could be considered a short film. I love that John decided to narrated this video. It told a story -- a story that led the viewer to an experience. It evoked emotions like triumph, fear, insecurity and joy. And in the end, it also tied it together with closure that there's a time when the camera is on, and a time when the camera is off. The video will end, but the lives of the viewer will continue.

This video has inspired me in a few ways. Some people tell a story over the course of a few videos. Some people use the video blog to talk directly to the user, where the computer screen becomes an message carrier for intimate content. Pay attention that for half of the video he was recording from an iPhone, but you were wrapped up in the story and the quality was not as important. The message is what is important.

Sure, the Vlogbrothers are one of the biggest names on YouTube... but who's to say you can't tell a story through a video just as good? One of the beautiful parts of this medium is that it's designed to be an even playing field. It's not 4 major networks that select the order of what you see and when you see it. That type of media consumption is over with. Both video and audio directly distributed to the user is what's going to win in the future. You can be a part of that.

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  1. Rebeccah Teller says:

    Thank you for this! Loved it