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How about we do a small experiment. Imagine you’re following someone on Twitter that you really enjoy. If you mention them, do you hope they to respond or acknowledge your tweet? What if they actually do reply? Would you like them more, less or the same?

If they don’t respond, it’s usually no hard feelings to the user. But what happens if they actually contact you back? You’re going to start to favor that person. Twitter can create long lasting relationships in just a few keystrokes. You don’t have to be a celebrity to make this relationship count. As a personality you can either directly confirm or deny the existence of someone’s on-line identity.

Last year I worked with Dee Snider on a March of Dimes Bikers for Babies run in Lima. It was AMAZING. We talked this week as he passed 20,000 Twitter Followers and got some thoughts on his experiences with the medium:

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It’s a good look at how a celebrity has used modern tools to directly connect, interact and build bonds with their most passionate fans.

BTW — follow Dee @deesnider

If a rock star can juggle writing a book, record voices for 2 animated films and a sitcom for FEARnet, host a nationally syndicated show, plan a Broadway musical, release a new album, record a reality show and still have a family life… why doesn’t more broadcasters use this medium?  In the least, you can stalk your favorite celebrity.

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