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I’ve got a few new articles posted to, with the addition new published articles in their magazine every month.
There’s a lot to share here, along with some thoughts on The Conclave — the Radio Learning Conference that needs to get some love.

Digging Into The Hubbard Deal — I wouldn’t say it’s a gold rush on podcasting, but what I will say is… Hubbard is the 4th major company to make a financial commitment to their future in digital audio, and that doesn’t happen by accident

Radio Takes Giant Podcasting Step — This is the deal that happened just a few weeks prior to the Hubbard deal.  It’s interesting to see a company outright buy a giant in the podcasting realm.  It also makes me excited to know that Midroll is now a commercial radio entity.  It’s kind of like when David Beckham came to play soccer in the United States.  Remember the hype?  People were saying, “this will make soccer mainstream in America.”  Yeah, it’s kind of like that.

Steal These Ideas — When attending this years Conclave, I took the opportunity for “Speed Mentoring” and asked it to a wide variety of people — “What’s ONE digital idea that excites you?”


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