Upgrade Yourself Like An HGTV Reality Show

If you’re a radio personality, you can invest in yourself by upgrading your on-line presence.  But adding value doesn’t have to be like an HGTV Reality Show.  You don’t have to put on a tool belt and smash through dry wall.  You don’t have to even be an expert.  You just have to be what your listeners expect you to be — entertaining, accessible and understanding of what they want from you.  Let’s look at what some radio stations are doing that can add value to you as a personality or as a station.

In this first example, let’s take national host Conan O’Brien.  His segment, “Clueless Gamer” is a great example of targeted comedy.  His late night show… on a cable network mind you… has always been geared to a younger generation.  While the traditional audiences are reaching for Letterman and Leno, Conan wedged himself in the audience that best gets his sense of humor.  Notice a few things about this segment.  He has a custom opener for the video, he distributes it via his special YouTube Channel and he’s honest about his approach.  He’s not pretending to be an expert at video games, but he is an expert at comedy — the reason people watch his show to begin with.  It’s entertaining in a way you wouldn’t expect it to be.  Take notice:

This is a less straight forward approach to reaching your audience on-line.  In fact I’m still inspired by RadioBDC — the Boston.com internet radio station that uses alternative music to reach a new type of audience with it’s news content.  It’s a great strategy.  Next week I plan to speak to Lisa Desisto, Chief Advertising Officer of The Boston Globe about the decision making process and what they hope to achieve with their newly developed radio station.

Here’s some ideas that may help you come up with unique content for your show or station:

  • The Free Beer and Hot Wings Show offers their most connected listeners the “Show Plus” where they post exclusive content like their show meetings.  It’s a great why to include your listeners
  • The legendary WOWO in Fort Wayne has started to offer “All Your News In Under 90 Seconds” on their YouTube channel.  They’re taking the content you expect from them and finding new ways in offering it
  • Late Night with Jimmy Fallon added a new way to connect with celebrities.  “Twitter Questions” gives more connection with his viewers to enable them to feel part of the show
  • Fox 11 in LA offered viewers direct access to a celebrity with a Google+ Hangout.  Anchor Maria Quiban took Iron Mike Tyson back to the “Social Media Desk” to chat with viewers on-line.  The Hangout was something she was already doing with viewers daily — and this was a great idea to include special guests
  • The Dave Ryan Show may be one of the more socially active morning shows I’ve payed attention to.  You should be impressed with the quality of their local videos, but even more important is their audience eats them up.  His YouTube Channel towers around 3.79 million views, and that has to move the ratings needle on top of better connects with his audience

So how are you connecting with your audience?  IF you were the listener, ask yourself how you would connect with the show.  Is it hard to reach the host?  Is there any value in looking the show up on-line?  Is there any emotional payback or enjoyment when connecting with the show?  If the answer is no, maybe you’re not putting the right content up on-line.  If you want to increase your value as a broadcaster, do things the HGTV way — build something that other people will want.

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