What… what?

I think we can all agree that using the term “monkey” in reference to our President isn’t a good idea.  Or at least I thought everyone knew that.  Cue one talk show host that is too cool for social rules.

I checked out KFNX’s website and I can’t find her name on the program line-up.  But thanks to Mediaite you can listen to her comments that got to be hard to defend at this point:

Just Push Play: 

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I don’t think she meant for it to be racist, but she just used horrible digression.  If you’re that guest I bet you pulled that phone off your ear and looked at it in disbelief of what she just said.  Perhaps the guest gave a look like Mike Myers did with Kayne West made the comments about George W. Bush.

Why is disrespect to the office a common trend this month?  Just last week a reporter for from the Daily Caller ‘heckled’ the President during a speech — and I don’t buy his claim he thought it was time for questions.  A lot of people are sticking up for the reporter, but I can’t find any way to stand behind his method of disruption.  You wouldn’t for a moment let a Occupy protest take over a Romney speech.

Regardless of the message of the reporter or how valid his points were, it’s totally wiped out by the lack of respect for the post of Presidency.  By the way, there’s just a few similar moments that come to mind:


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