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If this post was a movie, I would be telling you how my blog ends.  If this post was a book, you wouldn’t be reading it.  If this post was… well.. anything but on the internet then no one would accept it.  What a great way to start a relationship…

Some of my favorite radio is when the personalities talk about and make fun of our trade.  We work on our craft and fine tune it enough so we keep and grow listeners.  But it seems like a mixture of strategy and unconventional wisdom is what wins — it’s about being genuine.

I look forward to posting about the back end of my industry.  I’m not going to talk much numbers — I’m going to talk about what makes radio great, what works and what doesn’t.  And if any of my listeners in Lima ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes — this blog is for you.  And please make sure to comment along the way and I’ll be more then happy to be upfront with you.

And one more thing:  There’s a lot of disgruntled radio people in the world.  In fact too many.  Don’t let them give you the wrong impression of what radio is — because truth be told there were a lot of people that got into radio for the wrong reasons or stayed in radio thinking they were entitled to more without working for it.

If you made it this far… this is going to be the start of a beautiful relationship.

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One Response to Yeah, that’s what the world needs – another blog

  1. Todd Brown says:

    Well said, Mr. Wrecker. Well said. Radio is truly about connecting with the audience. Cause it’s so easy to change the station. Every moment’s got to feel special to the listener…or they’ll give up, press the button or twist the dial. You understand how it is, and how to make it right, and that makes you something most others only dream to be: relevant. Keep up the great work!